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    Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement for Manufacturing Venture


    This Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement is between two parties negotiating a business relationship with a third party manufacturer.

    • One party owns the technology and the other party is negotiating the third party deal for developing and manufacturing the technology.
    • The recipient of the information agrees not to contract or consummate any transactions brought to its attention by the disclosing party, unless the recipient agrees to compensate the disclosing party accordingly.
    • The recipient agrees to keep all of the information strictly confidential.
    • If the recipient attempts to circumvent the agreement, it will be liable to the disclosing party for all costs associated with developing the information and all revenues earned from use of the information.
    • This is a generic legal form that does not contain country-specific provisions.
    • Don't let someone else steal your ideas and inventions before you can bring them to market. Buy your copy of the Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement (Manufacturing) today.
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    Last Updated: 23-December-2021
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