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    Nondisturbance Agreement for Shopping Mall Premises


    Prepare a Nondisturbance Agreement for a leased shopping mall premises with this downloadable template.

    • The Agreement is made between the landlord, the tenant, a mortgage lender who holds a mortgage on the shopping center (mortgagee), and a lender who is making a commercial loan to the tenant.
    • The lender requires the tenant to grant security over the premises in the form of a sublease, which requires the consent of both the landlord and the mortgagee.
    • The lender agrees not to take possession of the premises if the landlord defaults under its mortgage.
    • This is a generic legal document which is not specific to any country.
    • The Nondisturbance Agreement for Shopping Mall Premises is available as a downloadable MS Word file.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 22-May-2021
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