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    Northern Territory Shared Tenancy Agreement


    NT tenants, do you share a house or flat with one or more other people? Be sure that everyone understands their obligations with this Shared Tenancy Agreement for Northern Territory.

    This is NOT a rental contract or tenancy agreement between a landlord and tenant, but rather it is an agreement between flatmates setting out how the shared expenses will be divided, and what will happen if one of the flatmates decides to move out.

    Provisions of the Agreement include:
    • how rental expenses are to be divided up among the tenants, including rent, security deposit ⁄ bond, long distance telephone and other expenses;
    • responsibility for damage and repairs by the flatmate responsible;
    • termination by a flatmate;
    • what happens if a flatmate defaults in performing their obligations;
    • disposal of abandoned property left behind when a flatmate moves out;
    • a set of house rules to be followed by all tenants.
    This Northern Territory Shared Tenancy Agreement is in MS Word format, and is easy to edit to fit your circumstances.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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