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    Off-Campus Student Housing Agreement


    Rent a house or apartment to a college housing authority as accommodation for a student with this downloadable Off-Campus Student Housing Agreement.

    • The parties to the Agreement are the college, the student, and the owner of the rental premises.
    • This template form is for a furnished premises.
    • The term of the rental is for one semester.
    • The student can arrange to pay the housing fees in one of 3 ways: in full at the start of the term, in installments over the course of the semester, or by automatic deductions from financial aid payments.
    • The student must remain enrolled at the school during the term of the Agreement.
    • The college has the right to make roommate assignments, and to relocate the student to other accommodation, if necessary.
    • This template includes a sample set of College Housing Rules and Regulations.

    Off-Campus Student Housing Agreement, available in MS Word format. This is a generic legal form which contains no specific references to state, provincial or national laws.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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