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    Offer to Lease Restaurant in Shopping Mall


    Submit an offer to lease restaurant space in a shopping mall with this ready-made Offer to Lease template.

    • Rent Free Period. The tenant will take possession of the restaurant premises rent free for a certain period of time at the beginning of the term in order to do fitting, fixturing and commence its business operations.
    • Tenant Costs. The tenant will be responsible for utilities, a proportionate share of taxes and common area expenses up to a specified maximum amount per square foot per year.
    • Replacement and Repairs. The tenant is also responsible for plate glass, general repairs and liability insurance for the premises.
    • Security Interest. The provisions of the lease would not give the landlord a security interest over the tenant's fixtures, equipment, merchandise or inventory.
    • This is a generic form which can be used throughout North America.
    • The Offer to Lease is available as a MS Word template which can be easily modified to fit your particular circumstances.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 31-July-2018
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