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    Ohio Stable Worker Release Form


    There are aspects of working with horses that are dangerous and could lead to injury or death. Inform your workers about the dangers, and have them sign this Stable Worker Release and Waiver of Liability.

    • All trainers, grooms, and stable hands who will be handling or working in close proximity to horses should be required to sign a Release form before they commence employment.
    • The employee voluntarily assumes all risks associated with his/her employment and involvement with any equine activities.
    • If the employee breaches the Release by filing a lawsuit against the farm, he or she will be liable for all of the stable's legal costs incurred.
    • The form contains a warning about the provisions of the Ohio Equine Activity Liability Act, which absolves equine professionals of liability in the event of injury or death to riders or other participants in equine activities.

    This Stable Worker Release and Waiver form is available in MS Word format. Buy and download the document to your PC, laptop or tablet.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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