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    Online Banking Service Agreement


    This Online Banking Service Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which a bank customer uses the digital banking services, whether via a web browser or by using a mobile app.

    • The customer is responsible for maintaining account security by protecting their login details and not allowing any other person to use the account, except for joint account holders.
    • The customer consents to the electronic delivery of information and documents, such as account statements, confirmations, disclosures, etc.
    • The Agreement sets out how the bank will collect and use the customer's personal information.
    • The template also includes provisions regarding:
      • service fees,
      • currency exchange,
      • joint accounts,
      • inactive or abandoned accounts,
      • scheduled and recurring transactions,
      • electronic funds transfers,
      • e-bill payments,
      • overdrafts,
      • account errors,
      • disclaimer of warranties,
      • limitation of liability,
      • release and indemnity.
    • Available as a MS Word document, which can be easily converted to web-compatible formats.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 13-June-2022
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