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    Ontario Commercial Lease Agreement for Manufacturing Centre


    Rent out space for a manufacturing and distribution centre in Ontario with this template Commercial Lease Agreement.

    • The tenant leases the entire facility and pays all expenses, utilities, etc.
    • The tenant is responsible for all maintenance and repairs (except roof, structure, or HVAC).
    • Costs to be included as additional rent.
    • The landlord's remedies if the tenant defaults.
    • The tenant's trade fixtures remain the tenant's property, but all improvements become the property of the landlord.
    • The tenant agrees not to register its leasehold interest, or to allow any creditor to register a claim against its leasehold interest.
    • The lease will become void if the provisions of the Planning Act are not complied with.

    The Commercial Lease Agreement for Manufacturing Centre is an essential template for Ontario commercial landlords. Download your copy.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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