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    Pennsylvania General Durable Springing Power of Attorney


    Appoint someone to act as your agent (attorney-in-fact) with this Pennsylvania General Durable Springing Power of Attorney.

    • A "springing" Power of Attorney becomes effective only if you become incapacitated. You can grant your attorney-in-fact the power to deal with a number of matters for you, including:
      • your real estate property,
      • banking and financial transactions,
      • stocks and bonds,
      • personal property,
      • insurance,
      • pension and employment benefits,
      • tax and legal matters,
      • your business affairs and operations.
    • This Power of Attorney does NOT give your attorney-in-fact the authority to make health care or other medical decisions for you.
    • This form is available in MS Word format, and is easy to fill in and print. No need to buy additional copies - you and your spouse can each prepare a Power of Attorney with this form.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 07-May-2021
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