Photography Studio Business Plan


Write a business plan for a start-up photo studio with this fully editable Photography Studio Business Plan template.

  • This template is ideal for a sole proprietorship which will be owned and operated by the photographer.
  • The main purpose of this Business Plan is to help secure a bank loan to cover the start-up costs and provide initial operating capital for the photo studio.
  • The document includes a market analysis and marketing strategy and a financial model.
  • When you buy this template, you also get a Confidentiality Agreement to protect against disclosure of your financial data and other confidential information.
  • The form includes instructions to help you complete each section.

Before a bank will lend you money, they need some assurances that you have researched the market and have developed a good business strategy. This Photography Studio Business Plan will help you do that.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016