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    Product Defect Notice


    If you receive a shipment that contains defective or damaged goods, notify your supplier immediately with a Product Defect Notice.

    You can download the digital version of this form or copy and paste the text below onto your company letterhead, addressed to the supplier.


    On or about _______________, 20____, we purchased the following product manufactured, distributed or sold by you:

    [description of product, quantity, price paid]

    Notice is hereby given of a product defect or warranty claim with respect to the above noted product, as follows:

    Nature of the defect: __________________________________
    Details of damage or injury arising from the defect: ___________________________________________
    Name of the party from whom the item was purchased (distributor, reseller, etc): _________________________________________

    This letter is provided to give you earliest notice of said claim. Please contact the writer as soon as possible to discuss this matter.

    Yours truly,

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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