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    Quebec Commercial Net Net Lease Agreement


    QC commercial landlords, rent out office or other business premises to a tenant with this Quebec Commercial Net Net Lease Agreement.

    • The landlord will make roof and structural repairs and replacements, provided that damage to roof and structure caused by forcible entry by third parties are the tenant's responsibilities. The tenant is responsible for all other repairs.
    • The tenant is responsible for paying all utilities and all charges and assessments with respect to the premises, including property and water taxes.
    • The landlord will pay for all costs related to architectural plans drawn up prior to the lease. Improvements to the premises will be done by the landlord, as approved by the tenant.
    • A short form of the lease will be registered by the landlord upon request by the tenant.
    • English language form only.
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    Last Updated: 02-March-2021
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    Quebec Offer to Lease Commercial Premises


    Write up an Offer to Lease a commercial premises (business, retail, office or warehouse) with this easy-to-use template for the Province of Quebec.

    • Once accepted, the Offer will become legally binding.
    • The lease will be a completely net and carefree lease to the landlord.
    • The tenant will pay utilities, and a proportionate share of taxes and operating costs as additional rent.
    • The tenant will also be responsible for all repairs (other than structural repairs), and carrying public liability insurance.
    • The landlord will pay the tenant an improvement allowance for leasehold improvements.
    • The template includes a Schedule describing Landlord's Work and Tenant's Work.
    This Quebec Offer to Lease Commercial Premises is a fully customizable legal form template. English language version only.