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    Quebec Promise to Purchase Real Estate (English)


    Make an offer to purchase a real estate property in Quebec with this Promise to Purchase template (English language version).

    • Buyer's Promise. The buyer promises to purchase the property after the buyer has examined the property and has declared itself satisfied with the property.
    • Mortgage Condition. The buyer's offer is conditional upon the buyer being able to obtain a new mortgage.
    • Other Offers. The seller is still at liberty to offer the property for sale, but if the seller receives an acceptable offer from another party, it must notify the buyer, who will then have a period of time to either cancel its condition on the purchase, or cancel its offer. If the offer is cancelled, the buyer's deposit will be returned and neither party will take any further action.
    • Building Inspection. The offer is also conditional upon the buyer obtaining a satisfactory building inspection.
    • Encumbrances. The seller must provide good title to the property, and must warrant to the buyer for any violations that encumber the property.
    • Rentals. This template can also be used for a rental building and includes provisions for notifying tenants and transferring current leases.

    The English-language Promise to Purchase Real Estate template is available in Microsoft Word format and is fully editable. Intended to be used only in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

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    Last Updated: 30-March-2024
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