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    Restrictive Covenant Agreement for Franchise


    Set some restrictions on your franchisees with respect to the operation of the franchise with this Restrictive Covenant Agreement.

    • The franchisee agrees not to compete with the franchisor within the territory for a specified period of time.
    • The franchisee has a fiduciary duty to the franchisor.
    • Confidentiality provisions to protect the franchisor's trade secrets and proprietary information.
    • This is a generic legal form (not country specific).
    • Easy to customize to fit your business model.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 01-July-2021
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising


    Potential franchisees have questions about franchising. Give them a copy of these Frequently Asked Questions along with their franchisee application package. The FAQ topics include:

    • what type of experience and qualifications you need in order to be accepted as a franchisee;
    • management of the franchise;
    • the level of training and assistance provided by the franchisor;
    • marketing and advertising requirements;
    • costs, franchise fees and ongoing royalties;
    • standard terms of franchise agreements;
    • transfer or sale of a franchise;
    • operating procedures and standards;
    • inspections and on-site audits by the franchisor;
    • site selection and construction of the premises;
    • purchasing of products and supplies;
    • sales quota requirements.
    The Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising are available as a downloadable MS Word file, which can be easily customized for your franchise business.

    Canada Guarantee and Indemnification by Franchisee


    Bad things happen when a franchisee can't meet its obligations. That's why you need to get your franchisees to sign this Guarantee and Indemnification.

    • This is a Canadian legal form.
    • A principal of the franchisee company guarantees the franchisee's obligations and payment of all amounts payable under the Franchise Agreement.
    • The franchisee company indemnifies the franchisor against losses or claims arising as a result of any default on the part of the franchisee.
    • The franchisee also acknowledges and agrees to be bound by its covenants as set out in the Franchise Agreement.

    Requiring all franchisees to execute a Guarantee and Indemnification gives you legal recourse if a franchisee goes under or can't perform its obligations. You can download the form immediately after purchase.

    Franchise Agreement | Canada