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    Share Option Exercise Form


    Exercise your option to purchase option shares from a corporation with this free Share Option Exercise form.

    • This form can be used by any person or firm which is entitled to purchase shares under a stock option plan.
    • The optionee must complete and present the form to the company, along with payment for the shares.

    Download the free form or copy and paste the following text.


    The undersigned Optionee hereby irrevocably elects to exercise this Option for the number and class of Shares as set forth below:

    1. Number of Shares to be acquired: _____________________
    2. Class of shares: __________________________
    3. Option exercise price per share: $_______________
    4. Aggregate purchase price: $__________________
    and hereby tenders a certified cheque or bank draft for such aggregate purchase price, directing such Shares to be registered and a certificate therefor to be issued as directed below.

    DATED at ________________ this ___ day of ____________, ________.

    __________________________              _________________________________
    WITNESS                                               OPTIONEE'S SIGNATURE

                                                                  OPTIONEE'S NAME

    Direction as to Registration:

    Name of Registered Holder: ______________________________

    Address of Registered Holder: ______________________________________
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