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    Texas Community Property Survivorship Agreement


    TX property owners, avoid probate proceedings with respect to your community property with this Texas Community Property Survivorship Agreement.

    • The agreement is between two spouses, pursuant to the Texas Probate Code XI(3), section 451.
    • Upon the death of a spouse, title to all community property held by the spouses will immediately vest in the surviving spouse.
    • The agreement automatically terminates if the marriage ends.
    • As long as both spouses are alive, the property remains community property.
    • The agreement revokes all prior community property agreements.
    • The agreement must be filed in the county records in order to take effect.
    This Texas Community Property Survivorship Agreement is provided in MS Word format and is easy to edit and print.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Texas General Warranty Deed for Joint Ownership


    Transfer title of a real estate property in Texas from two sellers to two buyers with this Texas General Warranty Deed for joint ownership with rights of survivorship.

    This is the type of Warranty Deed that is used to convey a property from one couple (spouses or partners) to another couple, who will live in the property.

    The sellers (grantors) covenant to the buyers (grantees) that they have good and marketable title to the property, they have the legal right and power to transfer the title, and they will defend the grantees' right to possess the property.

    The buyers can take title either as:
    • joint tenants, with rights of survivorship, which means that if one of them dies, title to the property passes to the surviving joint tenant, or
    • community property with rights of survivorship, or
    • community property without rights of survivorship.
    The Warranty Deed includes a Community Property Agreement to be signed by the buyers, if applicable.

    This Texas General Warranty Deed for Joint Ownership form is provided in MS Word format and is easy to download, fill in and print.

    Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney


    Make a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney with this easy-to-use form for Texas, under the Durable Power of Attorney Act, Chapter XII of the Probate Code.

    You can grant your attorney-in-fact the power to deal with a number of matters on your behalf as you see fit, including:
    • your real estate property,
    • banking and financial transactions,
    • stocks and bonds,
    • personal property,
    • insurance,
    • retirement plans and social security,
    • employment benefits,
    • tax and legal matters,
    • your business affairs and operations.
    This Power of Attorney does NOT give your attorney-in-fact the authority to make health care or other medical decisions for you.

    This Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney template is available in MS Word format, and is easy to fill in and print. No need to buy additional copies - you and your spouse can each prepare a Power of Attorney with this form.

    Colorado Beneficiary Deed Forms


    Make sure your real estate property passes to the beneficiary you choose when you die with these Colorado Beneficiary Deed forms.

    • You must complete, sign and record the beneficiary deed (also called a Transfer on Death Deed) with the County Recorder's Office during your lifetime. It cannot be recorded after your death.
    • Even though the title is transferred to your beneficiary, you still retain ownership rights over the property and you can deal with it as you see fit without the consent of the beneficiary.
    • You can revoke the transfer at any time by recording the enclosed Revocation of Beneficiary Deed.
    • Note that in Colorado, executing a Beneficiary Deed means your home is no longer an exempt resource for Medicaid and you run the risk of losing Medicaid.
    The Colorado Beneficiary Deed Forms are downloadable MS Word templates.

    USA Irrevocable Trust Declaration


    Prepare an Irrevocable Trust Declaration to set up trusts for the benefit of a grantor's adult children with this template form for the USA.

    • In the event of a beneficiary's death, the assets will be distributed per stirpes, but if the deceased beneficiary has no children, the share is distributed to the other beneficiaries.
    • The net income will be distributed at the end of each calendar quarter. The body of the trust will be paid to the beneficiaries when they reach a specified age.
    • The grantor cannot borrow any part of the trust property or income without adequate security and interest.
    • The property or income of the trust cannot be sold for less than adequate compensation.
    This USA Irrevocable Trust Declaration is available in MS Word format. It can be easily customized to fit your circumstances.

    Texas Advance Medical Directive Forms


    Texas residents, make certain that your wishes regarding medical treatment are known by your doctor and your family by making an Advance Medical Directive.

    This Advance Medical Directive Forms Package for the State of Texas contains 13 pages of forms, including:
    • an explanation of what an advance directive is;
    • instructions on preparing and completing an advance directive;
    • a Directive to Physicians and Family (or Surrogates) (also called a Living Will) which sets out your instructions regarding life-sustaining procedures and treatment;
    • a Medical Power of Attorney appointing an agent to make health care decisions for you;
    • a disclosure statement of information specific to Texas law.
    These easy-to-use Texas Advance Medical Directive Forms are provided in MS Word format, and can be used by more than one person by filling in the appropriate information.