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    Texas Power of Attorney to Buy or Sell Asset


    Appoint an agent to act on your behalf to buy or sell property or vehicles with this Texas Limited Power of Attorney for Purchase or Sale of Property or Vehicle.

    • Use this legal form to name a family member, friend or associate as your agent and give them the power to sign all the necessary and do whatever else is required to close the deal for the real estate, vehicle or other asset you are buying or selling.
    • You can also authorize your attorney-in-fact to pay or collect the purchase price, and deposit or distribute the funds.
    • Your attorney's authority to act for you remains in effect only until the transaction has been completed.

    This Texas Limited Power of Attorney to Buy or Sell Asset allows you to conduct your business dealings through an agent when you're not available to do it yourself. Download a copy today.

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    Last Updated: 03-January-2021
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