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    USA Agreement to Direct Television Series


    TV producers in the U.S. can hire a director with this USA Agreement to Direct Television Series.

    • You can use the contract for a single episode or for several episodes.
    • This contract is for DGA members and is subject to the terms of the Director's Guild of America Basic Agreement.
    • The director will receive guaranteed compensation for the minimum guarantee period of the contract (scale for 3 days of prep and 5 days of shooting), plus a daily rate for anything beyond the minimum guarantee period.
    • The director will receive additional compensation for reruns, foreign broadcasts, theatrical release and release in supplemental markets.
    • The producer owns perpetual universal rights to the episode(s) and all materials and services provided by the director.
    • The producer has full financial, budgetary and creative control over the series and each episode, but the contract contains an option to grant final cutting authority for the episode to either party, as applicable.
    • If production is interrupted due to force majeure or due to the director's inability or failure to perform the services, the producer can terminate or suspend the agreement, at its option. If production resumes following a force majeure event, the producer will offer to rehire the director to complete the episode.
    • The producer has the right to terminate the agreement if the director fails to qualify for any required life, health or other insurance coverage.

    The USA Agreement to Direct Television Series template is complete, comprehensive and customizable. Download it for your contracts package.

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    Last Updated: 05-January-2021
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