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    USA Appraisal Report for Acreage or Vacant Land


    Do an appraisal of an acreage or vacant land in the United States with this template appraisal report form.

    • The appraisal is performed to determine fair market value of the property based on the three standard approaches - Market Comparison, Replacement Cost and Income.
    • The appraiser must disclose all assumptions and underlying conditions which may affect the accuracy of the appraisal.
    • The Replacement Cost Approach considers the current replacement value of the improvements, less depreciation, in combination with the current value of the land as if vacant.
    • The Market Comparison Approach analyzes recent market action on comparable properties.
    • The Income Approach or Capitalization Method capitalizes the estimated annual net income from the property at an appropriate rate into an indication of the capital value of the property.

    Download the USA Appraisal Report for Acreage or Vacant Land, open with MS Word, and customize it to meet your needs.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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