Cease and Desist Letter re Copyright Infringement | USA


Is a third party is infringing on your copyright for written works, artwork, images or video? Issue a Cease and Desist Letter with this downloadable template for U.S. copyrights.

  • The letter may be prepared by either yourself as the owner of the copyright, or by your attorneys.
  • It contains the following:
    • details of the owner's copyright,
    • the owner's infringement claim against the third party,
    • a demand to cease and desist from any further distribution or other use of the copyrighted material,
    • a demand that the infringing party provide information concerning the extent of the use, together with all undistributed copies of the material.
  • This Cease and Desist Letter template contains references to US copyright laws.
  • The form is available in MS Word format and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.
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Last Updated: 02-Jul-2018