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    USA Curatorship Lease


    Lease an historic building in the USA to a resident curator with this Curatorship Lease.

    • The curator will live in the property while performing restoration, rehabilitation and repair work on the structure.
    • The curator (tenant) will live in the property for an annual rent of $1.00, in exchange for his/her restoration work on the building(s).
    • The tenant accepts the property on an 'as is' basis, and will not occupy the premises until a lead free or risk reduction certificate has been obtained.
    • The tenant is responsible for maintaining adequate loss ⁄ liability insurance, all risk or fire and extended coverage insurance covering all improvements and personal property, and workers compensation insurance (if applicable).
    • The tenant must get the landlord's written consent before making any alteration or improvement, except for pre-approved improvements and repairs listed in the Lease.
    • The tenant acknowledges that certain toxic or harmful substances may be present as a result of the restoration work, and accepts sole responsibility for mitigating all harmful and toxic substances on the premises.
    • The tenant has no authority to encumber the premises or do anything which would result in a lien being placed on the premises.
    • The tenant is responsible for maintaining both structural and nonstructural parts of the premises.

    The USA Curatorship Lease is available as a Microsoft Word download which is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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