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    USA LLC Formation Agreement


    Set up a limited liability company in the U.S. under this LLC Formation Agreement between the members of the company.

    • This is an informal preliminary agreement which the members can put in place so they can proceed with filing Articles of Organization and forming the company, prior to entering into a formal operating agreement.
    • The members agree that this is a preliminary agreement only and that they intend to execute a more complex agreement within a reasonable time.
    • The members will manage the business of the LLC and will vote according to their proportionate interests.
    • The members are free to carry on other businesses as long as they do not compete or conflict with the business of the LLC.
    • The members agree that disputes will be settled by arbitration.
    • The LLC Formation Agreement can be used throughout the United States.

    Make sure all members sign the Agreement before you file your Articles and organize the company. Buy, download, start using the form right away.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement


    Enter into an arrangement with a distributor to resell your products under this Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement.

    • The reseller is granted a non-exclusive non-transferable license to market and sell the products to clients within a specified territory.
    • The reseller is NOT granted the right to sub-license to other resellers or distributors.
    • The supplier has the right to enter into reseller agreements with other distributors within the territory which are not in direct competition with the reseller.
    • The reseller can either resell products directly to clients, or refer clients to the supplier.
    • The Agreement contains a mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure clause.

    The Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement is a downloadable MS word document and is fully editable to meet your needs.

    USA Partnership Agreement to Create General Partner Entity


    Set up a partnership which will act as the general partner of a limited partnership with this USA Partnership Agreement template.

    • The partnership being formed by the agreement will be managed by a managing partner.
    • The managing partner will have control of the day-to-day business operations, and will be responsible for all tax matters. All matters outside of the day-to-day business will be decided by a majority vote of all partners.
    • The partners will devote a necessary amount of time and attention to the partnership business, but are not restricted from involvement in other businesses, whether they compete with the partnership business or not.
    • Admission to the partnership is limited to the managing partner, its CEO and the other officers and directors of the managing partner.
    This USA Partnership Agreement to Create General Partner Entity template is available as a MS Word download, and is fully editable to meet your needs.