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    USA Musical Artist Management Agreement


    Provide management services to bands and musicians under the provisions of this Musical Artist Management Agreement for USA talent managers.

    • The manager will provide a full range of management and promotional services, career advice, professional guidance and business acumen.
    • In return for the services, the manager will receive a percentage of the musician's gross earnings.
    • If the musician incorporates a company to run the business through, the manager will also be entitled to shares in the company.
    • The contract is exclusive to the artist (i.e. the artist will not have anyone else managing his/her affairs), but the manager is at liberty to provide the same or similar services to other performers.
    • The musician appoints the manager as its attorney-in-fact to sign contracts on its behalf.

    You can make additions, deletions or changes to the USA Musical Artist Management Agreement template to make it a perfect fit with your business and services.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager


    Prepare a Royalty Agreement between a musical artist and his/her manager with this downloadable template form.

    • The manager agrees to provide personal management services to the musician.
    • In return, the musician agrees to pay the manager a specified percentage of the artist's royalties on all sales of recordings.

    Add this Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager to your portfolio of management contract templates.

    USA Exclusive Booking Agent Agreement


    Sign up musicians, singing acts and bands for your services with this Exclusive Booking Agent Agreement.

    • The artist gives the booking agent exclusive rights to book performances and engagements for the artist.
    • The booking agent is paid on a two-tier commission scale based on the length of the engagement.
    • The booking agent is not required to work exclusively for the artist, but has the right to sign other musical acts on the same terms or otherwise.
    • The band or artist agrees not to book itself for return engagements at venues originally contracted by the booking agent for a specified time period following termination of the agreement.

    Having a written contract in place protects you from getting stiffed by your artists. You can totally customize the USA Exclusive Booking Agent Agreement to reflect your unique business requirements.

    Personal Management Agreement