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    Proxy Forms for Shareholder Meetings | USA


    Prepare Proxy Forms for meetings of the shareholders of a USA corporation with these two easy-to-use templates.

    1. Revocable Proxy, to be used by a voting shareholder to appoint a proxy to vote the shares on his / her behalf at all meetings that the shareholder is entitled to attend. The shareholder has the right to revoke the proxy at any time.
    2. Non-Revocable Proxy, which contains a termination date. The proxy is irrevocable until the date of termination. The shareholder's shares must carry a legend stating the existence of the proxy, and that all rights under the proxy will survive any transfer of the shares.

    These Proxy Forms can be used for shareholder meetings of U.S. business corporations. Available in MS Word format. Fully editable and reusable.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 19-July-2023
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