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    USA Proxy Forms for Shareholder Meetings


    Prepare Proxy Forms for meetings of the shareholders of a USA corporation with these two easy-to-use templates:

    1. Revocable Proxy, to be used by a voting shareholder to appoint a proxy to vote the shares on his / her behalf at all meetings that the shareholder is entitled to attend. The shareholder has the right to revoke the proxy at any time.
    2. Non-Revocable Proxy, which contains a termination date. The proxy is irrevocable until the date of termination. The shareholder's shares must carry a legend stating the existence of the proxy, and that all rights under the proxy will survive any transfer of the shares.

    Every business corporation in the United States can use these Proxy Forms for its shareholder meetings. Get your copy today.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Drag Along, Tag Along Clause for Shareholder Agreement


    This drag along, tag along clause can be inserted into a shareholder agreement to govern how the sale of shares from a shareholder to an arm's length third party must be conducted.

    • The share purchase agreement must include an offer by the buyer to purchase a pro rata share of the other shareholders' shares on the same terms and at the same time.
    • The terms apply to arm's length transactions only. The clause contains a definition of which parties are not considered arm's length.

    A Drag Along, Tag Along Clause is an exit strategy that protects the rights of minority shareholders while at the same time giving majority shareholders a means to force other investors to exit at the same time.

    Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement


    Use this downloadable Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement to transfer shares from a shareholder back to the corporation.

    • The Agreement is secured by a promissory note, and the template includes a sample form of promissory note.
    • The corporation will cancel the shares after buying them back.
    • The vendor represents that the shares are free of encumbrances and security interests against them.
    • Both parties agree to take all actions necessary to complete the transaction.
    • The Share Repurchase Agreement allows the corporation to reduce the number of outstanding shares and retain share value.

    If your company is planning to repurchase some of its shares, this Share Repurchase Agreement is a good place to start. Download a copy now.

    Right of First Refusal Clause for Shareholder Agreement


    This Right of First Refusal clause can be inserted into a Shareholder Agreement to govern how a shareholder disposes of its shares.

    • If a shareholder receives an arm's length offer from a third party to purchase its shares, the selling shareholder must give the other shareholders a right of first refusal to buy the shares before selling them to the third party.
    • The clauses are downloadable and customizable.
    • These generic clauses can be used in any common law country.
    The Right of First Refusal Clause for Shareholder Agreement is available in MS Word format.

    Valuation of Shares Clause for Shareholder Agreement


    Make provision for determining the fair market value of shares with this downloadable Valuation of Shares clause for a Shareholder Agreement.

    The clause sets out the process by which the fair market value (FMV) of the shares will be arrived at in the event that the shareholders cannot agree, following a triggering event which has affected the FMV of the shares.

    The Valuation of Shares Clause for Shareholder Agreement is provided in MS Word format and is fully editable.

    Buy-Sell Provisions for Shareholder Agreement


    These optional buy-sell provisions can be inserted into a Shareholder Agreement to provide for the purchase and sale of shares among the shareholders of a company.

    • The remaining shareholders have right of first refusal to purchase a departing shareholder's shares.
    • Any buy-sell offers made during the notice period are irrevocable.
    • The purchase price must be paid in full on closing.
    These generic Shareholder Agreement Buy-Sell Provisions are in MS Word format and are fully editable.