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    Residential Tenancy at Will Agreement | USA


    Rent a house or apartment to a tenant on an at-will basis with this USA Residential Tenancy at Will Agreement.

    • A tenancy at will is only for temporary tenancies, for instance if a buyer is moving into a property before the purchase and sale is completed, or for a renter living in a home that is slated for destruction.
    • The template includes a lead paint disclosure as required by law for housing built before 1978 (if applicable).
    • The Agreement also contains a guarantee from a guarantor or surety, guaranteeing the obligations of the tenant.
    • Either party may terminate the tenancy at any time on one month's notice.
    • If the tenant defaults in payment or breaches a condition of the Agreement, the landlord may terminate the tenancy in accordance with applicable State laws.
    • This is a generic template for the United States. It does not contain any State-specific references.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-November-2021
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