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    USA Soundtrack Recording Agreement


    This USA Soundtrack Recording Agreement allows a film producer to hire a musical artist as a loan-out to record the soundtrack for a motion picture.

    • The artist's services constitute a work made for hire under the US Copyright Act.
    • The artist grants the producer an exclusive, perpetual and worldwide synch license to use the master recording for purposes of producing, recording, distributing and marketing the motion picture and any soundtrack album.
    • The producer also has the right to re-record and edit the master, and is not obligated to employ the artist in connection with same.
    • The artist's loan-out corporation will be paid minimum scale for the artist's services, plus royalties on the net sales of albums containing the master.
    • The digital template also includes an Inducement Letter covering the artist's representations and warranties which are given to induce the producers to sign the Agreement.
    • The Agreement is governed by United States laws.

    You can use the Soundtrack Recording Agreement for multiple artists and on multiple movie projects.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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