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    Waiver of Rule 5 and 5.1 Hearings - Complaint or Indictment (USA)


    Use this free Form AO 466A to file a waiver of a defendant's rights under Rule 5 and 5.1 for a complaint or indictment brought in another district.

    • The Waiver form explains the defendant's rights under the Rules:
      • right to retain counsel or request assignment of counsel,
      • right to an identity hearing,
      • right to production of the warrant,
      • right to a preliminary hearing,
      • right to a hearing on any motion for detention,
      • right to request a transfer of the proceedings.
    • The defendant has the option to waive their right as to:
      • an identity hearing and production of the warrant,
      • a preliminary hearing,
      • a detention hearing,
      • an identity hearing, production of the judgment, warrant and warrant application, and any preliminary or detention hearing in the defendant's district. The defendant can request that a preliminary and/or detention hearing be held in the prosecuting district.
    • The defendant must also consent to the issuance of an order requiring them to appear in the district where the charges are being laid.
    • Waiver of Rule 5 and 5.1 Hearings (Complaint or Indictment), US District Court Form AO 466A (rev 12/17).
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    Last Updated: 27-February-2018
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