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    USA Warranty Bill of Sale for Boat or Motor


    When you're buying a boat or boat motor, you can't transfer ownership to your name unless you get a Bill of Sale from the seller.

    This USA Warranty Bill of Sale contains several warranties and representations from the seller:
    • that the seller owns the boat and has the right to sell it,
    • that the boat is free of encumbrances or security registrations except those that the seller has already disclosed and the buyer has agreed to assume,
    • the boat/engine has been inspected and is in good condition,
    • that the sale price for the boat is reasonable as of the date of the sale,
    • that the seller believes the buyer to be of legal age.

    Download the USA Warranty Bill of Sale for Boat or Motor, have the seller sign it and get it notarized so you can take ownership and get out there and enjoy your new boat!

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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