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    Vermont Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement


    Hire out a yacht, sailboat or pleasure craft to vacationers or fishermen with this Vermont Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement.

    • The charterer will either skipper the vessel himself or hire his own skipper and crew. The skipper must be sufficiently experienced and competent to handle and operate the vessel.
    • The charterer must redeliver the vessel in the same condition as at the start of the charter, clean and fully provisioned and fueled.
    • The charterer agrees to pay all running expenses for the charter, including dockage fees.
    • The charter operator is not responsible for any injury, death, property damage or loss suffered by the charterer's party, skipper or crew.
    • The charterer will immediately contact the charter operator in the case of accident or breakdown, and will not abandon the vessel until the vessel has been secured by all possible means.
    • Intended for use only in the State of Vermont.
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    Last Updated: 05-October-2021
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