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    Victoria Notices of Goods Abandoned by Tenant


    Get rid of personal property left behind by a tenant by serving these Notices of Goods Abandoned by Tenant as required by the Victoria Residential Tenancies Act.

    The package includes the following forms:
    1. Notice of Goods Left Behind, which is a general form of notice to any interested party that certain goods were abandoned by a former tenant and gives details of where the goods are being stored, what the costs are and when the goods will be auctioned.
    2. Notice to Former Tenant, which is a form of notice to be served on the former tenant setting out the same information and giving the tenant the opportunity to reclaim the goods.
    3. Notice of Public Auction to dispose of the goods.

    Don't get stuck paying storage for a tenant's abandoned property. Download this package of Victoria Notices of Goods Abandoned by Tenant forms for your rental properties.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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