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    Videography Agreement for Fashion Show


    Hire a videographer to film a fashion show with this downloadable Videography Agreement for Fashion Show.

    • The videographer will record video and images from the runway, photo shoots with models, candid backstage shots, change and makeup sequences, etc., and will be responsible for setting up all lights, cameras, props and other setups required for sets and shoots.
    • Personal shoots with models must be arranged as time permits.
    • The videographer is responsible for securing and protecting all equipment and media provided by the fashion show producer.
    • The producer retains full ownership of all images, videos and materials created.
    • The camera personnel must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and maintain a professional attitude towards the models. Asking a model for personal information is prohibited.
    • The videographer grants the producer a perpetual unrestricted right to use the video, images and materials created, and releases the producer from any present or future claims in connection with the materials.

    This Videography Agreement for Fashion Show template holds the filming crew to a professional standard of behavior and ensures that your rights to the materials are protected. Download a copy for your next event.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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