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    Vocalist Recording Contract (Artist)


    This Vocalist Recording Contract is written in favor of the artist, as an inducement to get an A-list singer to record tracks for you.

    • This is not an exclusive contract. The vocalist is free to record elsewhere as well.
    • The vocalist agrees not to perform any of the songs being recorded under this contract for any other party.
    • The vocalist is at liberty to choose the material being recorded.
    • The vocalist will be paid a royalty on 90% of all net record sales (after deducting the costs of recording, production, distribution and promotion).

    Top selling singers are worth making a few concessions for. That's the whole point of the Vocalist Recording Contract (Artist).

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Production Agreement for Master Recordings


    Record producers, write up a contract to produce a demo for a musical artist with this Production Agreement for Master Recordings.

    • The masters will be used as demos and will be shopped around to various record labels in order to attempt to obtain a recording contract for the artist.
    • The artist retains ownership and control of all copyright in the masters and all recordings or reproductions.
    • The producer's compensation takes the form of a royalty and/or commission.
    • The artist has the right to hire other producers for other recording sessions.
    This Production Agreement for Master Recordings template is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

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