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    Washington Final Notice of Lien Sale or Disposal (Self Storage)


    This Final Notice of Lien Sale or Disposal is for self storage facilities in the State of Washington, and is the next step in the lien sale process when a unit occupant has failed to pay rent for the unit.

    • You can serve the Final Notice only if the unit occupant has been served with the Preliminary Lien Notice and has not paid the outstanding rent.
    • The Notice must be given and served in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington Section 19.150.060.
    • The renter is advised that they no longer have access to the storage unit or the property stored in it, and that the storage operator has the right to sell the property to satisfy its lien.
    • The form includes a Certificate of Delivery to record how the Notice is served on the renter, and instructions on how the Notice must be prepared and served.
    • This is a digital legal form that you can use as often as you like.
    • Don't let storage clients skip out with unpaid storage fees. Exercise your lien rights with this Washington Final Notice of Lien Sale or Disposal (Self Storage).
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    Last Updated: 11-January-2022
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