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    Waste Water Disposal Agreement


    Write up a contract for handling and disposing of processed water from an oil production facility with this easy-to-use downloadable template.

    • The parties to the Agreement are (i) the producer / owner of a disposal well and (ii) the processor / operator of a water disposal facility.
    • The processor will give the producer's processed water priority over that from third parties. The processor has the right to refuse any water that it deems to be hazardous.
    • The producer must provide a calibrated meter for determining the volume of water delivered for disposal.
    • Disposal fees will be charged by cubic meter.
    • This Waste Water Disposal Agreement is a generic legal form that does not reference any specific laws or regulations.
    • The template is downloadable and can be easily modified to fit your needs.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 01-July-2021
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