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    Week to Week Rooming Agreement


    Rent a room to a boarder with this Week to Week Rooming Agreement.

    • This form of Rooming Agreement is typically used for residents in boarding houses and other scenarios where room and board is provided in the home of the owner.
    • Either party can terminate the Agreement by giving a week's notice.
    • The owner/landlord provides the resident with:
      • a furnished room,
      • cleaning services,
      • use of kitchen appliances,
      • linens, towels, etc.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    • This is a generic form which is not specific to any country or region. Be sure to check landlord-tenant laws that apply to your jurisdiction. They may require additional provisions to be added to the agreement.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-May-2023
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