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    Yukon Cohabitation Agreement


    Are you and your partner planning to live together instead of getting married? If you live in Yukon Territory, you should consider signing this Cohabitation Agreement (also known as a 'Living Together Agreement').

    • The purpose of this Agreement is to establish who owns what at the start of the cohabitation, and what each party's responsibilities are with respect to the household and the family.
    • Whatever assets each party owned prior to moving in together will remain that person's sole property.
    • Any assets that the parties purchase jointly during the relationship will be considered joint property and will be divided equally between them if they separate, unless they sign a separate agreement stating otherwise.
    • Each partner is responsible for his or her own debts and obligations.
    • Both partners will be jointly responsible for raising and supporting their children (if any).
    • Neither partner will have a right to claim part of any inheritance left to the other party.
    • This form includes a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for each of you, which you must have signed by a lawyer at the time that you execute the Agreement.

    Relationships don't always last. That's why you and your partner need to sign a Yukon Cohabitation Agreement. Download your copy today.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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