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    British Columbia 1 Month Notice to End Tenancy


    BC landlords, give notice to a tenant that you are ending their tenancy with this 1 Month Notice to End Tenancy for Cause or for End of Employment.

    This form is issued by British Columbia Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Residential Tenancy Branch. The Notice can be used for houses, apartments and manufactured home sites to end a tenancy under any of the following circumstances:

    • the tenant is repeatedly late paying the rent, or
    • the rental unit is occupied by an unreasonable number of occupants, or
    • the tenant or another person on the property is causing a disturbance, or threatens the health or safety of another occupant or the landlord, or puts the property at risk, or
    • the tenant is engaging in illegal activity, or
    • the tenant has damaged the property or has not done required repairs, or
    • the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement or has not complied with a court or government order, or
    • the rental unit is part of an employment arrangement, and the tenant's employment has ended.

    This 1 Month Notice to End Tenancy for Cause is a free PDF download. BC Form RTB-33, revised 2016/12.

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    Last Updated: 15-May-2018
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