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    British Columbia 2 Month Notice to End Tenancy


    Give notice to a tenant that you are ending their tenancy with this 2-Month Notice to End Tenancy for BC residential properties.

    • The Notice can only be used in the following specific circumstances:
      • If the landlord or a member of the landlord's family will be occupying the unit, or
      • If the unit is being sold and the purchaser intends to occupy it, or
      • If the unit is being demolished, or major renovations will commence which require the unit to be vacant, or
      • If the property will be converted to strata lots or a housing cooperative, or to non-residential use, or
      • If the unit will be converted for use by a caretaker or manager, or
      • If the tenant no longer qualifies for a subsidized rental unit.
    • Use the link to download this Form RTB-32 directly from the British Columbia Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Residential Tenancy Branch.
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    Last Updated: 09-March-2022
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