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    Bylaws of Business Corporation | Canada


    A corporation's bylaws set out how the business of the corporation will be conducted. Download this template Bylaw Number One (General Bylaw) for a Canadian corporation which covers such topics as:

    • how shareholder meetings are to be called and held, and the procedure for voting,
    • procedures for calling, holding and voting at meetings of the board of directors,
    • how officers will be appointed and what the duties of each officer are,
    • indemnity of directors and officers by the corporation with respect to actions taken by them in discharging their duties,
    • how notices and other corporate documents are to be signed.

    The Canada General Bylaw (By-law Number One) for Business Corporation can be used for companies incorporated under a Business Corporations Act, whether incorporated federally or provincially. This form is not valid in Quebec.

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    Last Updated: 27-June-2018
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