Set up a partnership or joint venture in Canada with these template agreements and forms for Canadians. Fully editable and easy to customize to meet your needs.

Under Canadian laws, every partner in a general partnership is personally liable for all of the partnership's obligations, including negligence by another partner. So it's very important to choose your business partners wisely. Each province and territory of Canada has its own laws governing partnerships.

Partnerships are not taxed directly for income tax purposes. Instead, the partners pay the income tax. In the case of a joint venture with foreign partners, if the venture does business in Canada, the foreign partners will be taxed on their share of profits as if they were a Canadian branch operation.

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Saskatchewan Joint Venture Agreement

Set up a joint venture with this template Joint Venture Agreement for Saskatchewan.

  • One of the co-venturers will manage the joint venture, and will be paid a management fee.
  • No co-venturer may transfer their interest without the consent of the other venturers, except upon their death when their interest will automatically pass to their spouse or children.
  • Each co-venturer has a right of first refusal and piggyback rights on the interest of the other parti.....