Set up a partnership or joint venture in Canada with these template agreements and forms for Canadians. Fully editable and easy to customize to meet your needs.

Under Canadian laws, every partner in a general partnership is personally liable for all of the partnership's obligations, including negligence by another partner. So it's very important to choose your business partners wisely. Each province and territory of Canada has its own laws governing partnerships.

Partnerships are not taxed directly for income tax purposes. Instead, the partners pay the income tax. In the case of a joint venture with foreign partners, if the venture does business in Canada, the foreign partners will be taxed on their share of profits as if they were a Canadian branch operation.

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British Columbia Joint Venture Agreement

Set up a business joint venture in British Columbia with this template Joint Venture Agreement.

  • One of the joint venturers will be responsible for management of the joint venture, and will be paid a management fee for providing such services.
  • No joint venturer may transfer its interest without the consent of the other joint venturers, except in the death of a joint venturer, when his/her interest will automatically pass to their spouse or children.
  • Each j.....

Canada Bill of Sale for Limited Partnership Units

Transfer ownership of units in a limited partnership in Canada with this template Bill of Sale for Limited Partnership Units.

  • Under the Bill of Sale, the seller transfers the units to the buyer free and clear of any encumbrances, liens or rights of third parties to acquire an ownership interest.
  • The buyer and seller agree to exchange mutual releases with respect to the purchase and sale of the units.
  • The seller also releases the Limited Partnership from a.....

Canada Business Alliance Agreement

Establish a strategic alliance between two companies involved in similar or related businesses with this template Business Alliance Agreement for companies operating in Canada.

  • Both parties agree to cooperate in identifying prospective customers, representing products and providing technical support to customers.
  • Each party will be treated as the general contractor for projects in which it proposes the goods and services of the other party.
  • Either party ma.....

Canada Equipment Rental Joint Venture Agreement

Set up a joint venture to rent equipment with this downloadable Equipment Rental Joint Venture Agreement for Canada.

  • The joint venture will purchase equipment which will be rented to customers.
  • One of the parties will act as the manager of the joint venture's business.
  • The managing co-venturer is accountable to the other co-venturers for the management of the joint venture.
  • The remaining co-venturers have a right of first refusal to purchase the in.....

Canada Joint Venture Agreement to Develop Products

Set up a joint venture to develop and market products in Canada with this template Joint Venture Agreement.

  • The joint venture is formed between a party who owns proprietary rights in the products and one or more other parties who will raise the capital for developing, marketing and distributing the products through the sale of shares of stock.
  • One of the joint venturers will manage the business of the joint venture and act as trustee and agent on behalf of all of the.....

Canada Joint Venture and Land Development Agreement

Set up a joint venture between a land developer and a land owner to develop a property with this Joint Venture and Land Development Agreement for Canadian projects.

  • The Agreement dictates how the parties will develop, construct and market a major project on the subject property.
  • The parties will incorporate a new corporation to hold the land as bare trustee on behalf of the joint venture.
  • The trustee corporation will be managed by the land developer.
  • <.....

Canada Limited Partnership Agreement

Set up a Canadian limited partnership with this Limited Partnership Agreement template for Canada.

  • The general partner will have unlimited liability for the debts and liabilities of the partnership.
  • The liability of the limited partners is limited to the amount of the subscription paid by each of them for their partnership units.
  • The general partner is responsible for managing the business of the partnership.
  • The general partner will hold title to .....

Canada Partnership Agreement for Professional Corporations

Form a partnership between two professional corporations with this template Partnership Agreement for Canadian businesses.

  • Application. The Partnership Agreement can be used by legal, accounting, architectural, consulting, medical or other professionals to help share the costs of the practice, as opposed to operating as a sole practitioner which can be much more costly and constitute a much larger business risk.
  • Operations and Capital Contributions. The .....

Canada Software Development Partnership Agreement

Canadian software developers, set up a strategic partnership to develop and market a software program with this Software Development Partnership Agreement template.

  • The partners agree to work together to develop, implement, market and provide ongoing support for the software.
  • The partners will work together to develop, implement, market and provide ongoing support for the software.
  • One of the partners will have primary responsibility for development of the.....

Canada Subscription for Limited Partnership Units

Sell units in a limited partnership with this Subscription form and power of attorney for subscribers to a Canadian limited partnership.

  • Each subscriber for units in the partnership must complete and return the forms to the general partner, along with payment of the subscription price.
  • The power of attorney gives the general partner the authority to sign the partnership documents on behalf of the subscriber.
  • The forms are completely editable and can be used .....