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    Purchase Agreement for Shares & Promissory Note | Canada


    Sell your shares in a Canadian company and transfer a shareholder loan to the purchaser with this Purchase Agreement for Shares and Promissory Note.

    • The vendor represents to the buyer that it owns the shares and has the legal right and authority to transfer them.
    • Upon payment of the cash to close, the vendor will transfer title to the shares over to the purchaser.
    • The vendor also transfers a promissory note from the corporation for a shareholder loan owing to the vendor.
    • The vendor relinquishes any further interest or right to repayment under the promissory note.

    This Canada Purchase Agreement for Shares & Promissory Note is a customizable template which you can download and edit to fit your particular circumstances.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 19-February-2021
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