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    Patent License Agreement | China


    Give a third party the right to use your patent to manufacture and sell products in the PRC under this Patent License Agreement for China.

    • Purpose of Agreement. Foreign corporations find it expedient to partner with domestic companies to penetrate the Chinese market. That scenario is an ideal application for this license agreement.
    • License for Use. Under this contract, the foreign company that holds the patent (the licensor) grants a domestic Chinese company (the licensee) an exclusive license to use the patent for the purposes of manufacturing, selling and distributing certain products throughout the PRC and Taiwan.
    • Royalty. In return for the license to use the patent, the licensee will pay an ongoing royalty to the licensor for each product manufactured or sold.
    • Invalidity of Patent. Royalty payments will cease if the licensed patent is deemed invalid or unenforceable.
    • Assignability. The licensee does not have the right to assign or transfer the license or any of its rights or obligations under the agreement.
    • How to Obtain the Form. You can download the English-language version of the China Patent License Agreement immediately after purchasing it. A Chinese translation may be required to make the contract valid in China.
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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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