Nova Scotia

Download easy-to-use Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Q. How much notice do I need to give my landlord before I move out?

A. If you are a month-to-month tenant, you must give at least 1 full month's notice. Weekly tenants have to give at least 1 full week's notice. Year-to-year tenants must give at least 3 full months' notice before the anniversary date of the tenancy.

Q. My tenant is late with the rent. Can I evict him?

A. If the tenant has not paid the rent 15 days after it's due, you can serve him with a 15 Day Notice to Quit. The tenant then has 15 days to pay the rent or he must move out of the premises.

Q. I can't work any more because of my health and I can no longer afford the lease payments. How can I get out of my lease?

A. The Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act allows you to give your landlord one month's notice (called a Notice to Quit), along with proof from your doctor of your medical condition.

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