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    Appearance Bond | USA


    File an Appearance Bond to secure a defendant's appearance for court proceedings with this US Court Form AO 98.

    • This form can be used for any of the following types of bond:
      • personal recognizance bond,
      • unsecured bond,
      • secured bond, secured by cash, real property or other property, or
      • bail bond with a solvent surety.
    • If the defendant fails to appear, the security for the bond may be forfeited.
    • The defendant and each of the sureties / guarantors must make certain declarations regarding the property securing the bond and must sign the form.
    • Agreement to Forfeit Property (Other than Real Property) to Obtain Defendant's Release, United States District Court Form AO 98 (rev 12/11).
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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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