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    Financial Affidavit | USA


    This Financial Affidavit must be submitted in support of a request in a US federal court for attorney, expert, or other court services without payment of a fee for those services.

    • The Affidavit can be used in a case in District Court, Court of Appeals or other court in the US Courts system.
    • The applicant must provide answers regarding income, employment, assets, dependents and debt.
    • The answers given must be truthful in all respects and carry a penalty of perjury to the same extent as if those answers were given in court.
    • This is a fillable PDF form with calculation fields.
    • Financial Affidavit in Support of Request for Attorney, Expert or other Court Services Without Payment of Fee, United States Court Form CJA 23 (rev 11/11).
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    Last Updated: 31-August-2022
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