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    Judgment in Criminal Case (USA)


    File a judgment against a defendant in a criminal case with this United States District Court form.

    The form contains the following sections:

    • Sheet 1, Judgment,
    • Sheet 1A, Additional Counts of Conviction,
    • Sheet 2 and 2A, Imprisonment and Additional Imprisonment Terms,
    • Sheets 3 to 3D, Supervised Release, Additional Supervised Release Terms, Additional Standard Conditions of Supervision, Special Conditions of Supervision,
    • Sheets 4 to 4D, Probation, Standard Conditions of Probation, Additional Probation Terms, Additional Standard Conditions of Supervision, Special Conditions of Supervision,
    • Sheets 5 to 5B , Criminal Monetary Penalties, Additional Terms for Criminal Monetary Penalties, Additional Restitution Payees,
    • Sheets 6 to 6B, Schedule of Payments, Additional Defendants and Co-Defendants Held Joint and Several, Additional Forfeited Property,
    • Sheet 7, Denial of Federal Benefits,
    • Attachment - Statement of Reasons.

    USA Judgment in Criminal Case, US District Court Form AO 245B (rev. 09/17).

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    Last Updated: 13-February-2018
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