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    Non-Piracy Agreement | USA


    Reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your confidential information with this easy to use Non-Piracy Agreement for USA businesses.

    • This type of agreement (also called a non-solicitation agreement) is perfectly suited for your company's dealings with outside consultants, contractors, and other third parties who may need access to your confidential business records and data to perform their duties.
    • The outside party agrees not to approach any of your customers, suppliers or personnel during the tenure of your relationship. In other words, they agree not to "pirate" any of your relationships that they have learned about during the course of their dealings with you.
    • This is a downloadable digital template that you can use as often as you require.

    If recent news stories have taught us anything, it's that you can't be too diligent. The Non-Piracy Agreement form is another tool you can use to protect and preserve your competitive edge.

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    Last Updated: 08-February-2021
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