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    Wyoming Surface Use Agreement for Test Well


    Use this easy template form to draw up a Surface Use Agreement to drill a stratigraphic test well on lands in Wyoming.

    • Right of Way. The land owner grants the operator a right of way to enter and use the property for the purpose of drilling and testing one stratigraphic test well.
    • Road Construction. If the operator needs to construct an access road, it must be done in such a manner as to cause the least amount of interference with the owner's operations on the lands.
    • Right of Use. The land owner reserves the right to use all access roads and to grant successive easements on the lands.
    • Per Diem. The well operator will pay the land owner a per diem rate for use of the lands.
    • Site Maintenance. The well operator is responsible for maintaining the well site and the road right-of-way and must not permit the release or discharge of any toxic or hazardous substances.
    • Restrictions. Seismic operations and surface discharge of produced water are not permitted anywhere on the owner's property.
    • Post-Testing. After testing has ceased, the land owner will be given a 15-day notice to take over the test hole and convert it to a water well. If the owner opts to take over the hole, the owner assumes all liability thereafter. If not, the hole will be filled in and the location restored.
    • Jurisdiction. This legal document is written for use in the State of Wyoming but can be modified for use in other U.S. states.
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    Last Updated: 27-October-2017
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