Easily prepare oil and gas operating agreements, facility agreements, asset exchanges, bid letters, assignments, security notices with these Energy and Resources Forms for Alberta firms.

Alberta's energy sector is a global supplier of conventional oil, natural gas, coal, oil sands and petrochemicals. Albertans own 81% of the province's resources. The other 19% are held by the Canadian government and by individuals and companies. The oil patch employs 1 of every 6 people in the province.

Energy exports account for more than 50% of the value of Alberta's total exports. The oil and gas industry generates 1/3 of the province's revenues.
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Alberta Asset Purchase Offer Letter (Oil and Gas)

Make an offer to purchase a working interest in petroleum and natural gas rights on land in Alberta with this sample Asset Purchase Offer Letter.

  • The assets being purchased include all wells, equipment, facilities and other associated or related interests.
  • The purchaser will assume the vendor's obligations with respect to operational notices already received by the vendor.
  • The offer is subject to a satisfactory title opinion.
  • The offer is also s.....

Alberta Assignment and Novation Agreement

Transfer an interest in Alberta oil and gas assets from one operator to another with this template Assignment and Novation Agreement.

  • The original operator (assignor) assigns all of its rights and interest in the properties to another operator.
  • The assignor novates the new operator as a party to the original agreement under which the assignor acquired its interest.
  • All other stakeholders who were parties to the original agreement consent to the transfer and .....

Alberta Assignment of Facility Agreement

Write up an Assignment of Facility Agreement pursuant to a purchase of Alberta oil and gas interests with this template form.

  • The seller (assignor) assigns to the buyer (assignee) all of its rights and interest in certain petroleum and natural gas rights and facilities.
  • The assignee agrees to perform all of the assignor's obligations under the facility agreement.
  • The assignor is not released from any of its obligations or liabilities accruing prior to the ef.....

Alberta Assignment of Interest Agreement (Oil and Gas)

Assign your interest in Alberta oil and gas properties with this easy-to-use Assignment of Interest Agreement.

  • The current interest holder (assignor) assigns all of its interest under a governing agreement in certain oil and gas properties to another party (assignee).
  • The assignee covenants to perform all of the assignor's obligations under the agreement.
  • The assignee ratifies all acts of the assignor after the effective date of the agreement and prior to th.....

Alberta Assignment of Surface Lease

Assign your rights and title to petroleum and natural gas surface leases with this template legal form for the Province of Alberta.

  • In addition to transferring and assigning all of its interest in the leases, the assignor agrees to indemnify the assignee against any claims arising by or through the assignor with respect to the leases.
  • The assignor warrants that all rents and other payments have been made and that no notice of default has been received with respect to .....

Alberta Assumption of Trustee Obligations (Oil & Gas)

Prepare an Assumption of Trustee Obligations under Declaration of Trust with this downloadable template for Alberta properties.

  • The Assumption is part of an assignment of oil and gas interests.
  • The assignee agrees to assume the assignor's obligations as trustee under a Declaration of Trust, under which the assignor held the working interest in certain oil and gas properties in trust for one or more beneficiaries.
  • The file includes a

Alberta C.O. and O. Assignment Agreement

Prepare a C.O. and O. Assignment Agreement for operation of Alberta oil and gas properties with this downloadable template.

  • The transferor (assignor) assigns and transfers 100% of its interest under a Construction, Ownership & Operation (C.O. & O.) agreement to the transferee (assignee).
  • The assignee covenants to perform all of the assignor's obligations under the agreement.
  • This is a reusable oil & gas form which can be downloaded, saved as a te.....

Alberta Caveat re Assignment of Freehold Lease

Register an interest under an assignment of freehold mineral leases with this free Caveat form.

  • The template includes Form 26, Caveat Forbidding Registration, and Form 27, Affidavit in Support.
  • The Caveat contains suggested wording for registering an interest pursuant to an assignment of freehold mineral leases.
  • This is Alberta Registries Form 26 in MS Word format which can be filled out either by hand or on a computer and filed with a Registry.....

Alberta Checklist for Oil & Gas Purchase and Sale Agreement

Use this 7-page checklist to help you prepare a Purchase and Sale Agreement for petroleum and natural gas rights in Alberta.

The checklist covers the issues to consider and the documents to be obtained and reviewed as part of the transaction, such as:

  • definitions of important terms;
  • how the purchase price will be allocated;
  • maintenance of the business;
  • access to pertinent records and documents;
  • representations of the purchaser a.....

Alberta Confidentiality Agreement for Purchase of Oil and Gas Assets

Prepare a Confidentiality Agreement for an acquisition of oil and gas assets in Alberta with this ready-made template.

  • The party who is considering purchasing the oil and gas assets agrees to keep confidential and not disclose any of the seller's proprietary information which is disclosed to the interested party in connection with the acquisition.
  • The interested party will also not disclose that any discussions or negotiations are taking place regarding the possible a.....